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Your Hospital Stay

What to Bring

You are welcome to bring personal items such as reading glasses, books, photographs, portable music system, or anything that would make you more comfortable. However, we ask that you limit personal items, because there is a limited amount of space for personal items in patients' rooms.

The hospital provides the following, but if you would like your own, feel free to bring:

  • Hospital gowns and socks
  • Toiletries (e.g, comb, brush, shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste).

What Not to Bring

Electrical appliances from home are not permitted. Special permission may be granted in some instances. All electrical appliances brought from home must be examined by our hospital Engineering Department prior to use.

Use of cell phones is not permitted anywhere near any patient care units.

Please leave all valuables at home. Items such as jewelry, expensive clothing, or other costly items. The hospital is not responsible for the loss or damage to any personal property kept in your room. If an item must be secured, please ask a nurse to arrange for the hospital's Security Office to assist you.

Room Amenities

While at the Hospital, a Patient may share a Room with another Patient. Private Rooms may be available upon request. Availability of Private Rooms depends on demand.

All Patient Rooms (with the exception of ICU Rooms) have a television and telephone. Toiletries, such as toothbrushes, deodorant and hair combs are available at our Gift Shop.


Each room has a bedside telephone. Incoming calls can go directly to your room by dialing 956-323-9 and then your room number. For example, if you are in room # 296, your visitors will call 956-323-9296. Your nurse will update the notice board in your room with her phone number and a contact number for the newborn nursery and neonatal intensive care unit if needed.

Long distance phone calls or collect calls may be made by dialing”8-0” and the phone number. Long distance calls cannot be billed to your room. You may however, charge the long distance call to a credit or calling card.

Meals & Snacks

You will be offered a choice of meals from the Hospital menu, with specific attention to any dietary restrictions that may be related to your condition or to your treatment.

We ask that you do not receive any perishable food from people visiting you at the Hospital. However, home-cooked meals that will be eaten immediately are permitted. But do remember to first check with your doctor to find out about any diet restrictions related to your condition or your treatment. Please limit the amount of food and properly dispose of all leftovers.

A Smoke-Free Stay

For the comfort and good health of our patients, Mission Regional is smoke-free. While you are a patient, neither you nor your visitors may smoke anywhere in the building. Exterior signs throughout the hospital campus mark designated smoking areas.