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Skeletal ImagingImaging Services

Mission Regional Medical Center offers an advanced Imaging (formerly known as Radiology) Department equipped to meet our community's imaging needs. Equipped with the latest imaging technology, the department offers:

For more information regarding our imaging technology or to schedule an appointment, call the Imaging Suite at Mission Regional Medical Center at (956) 323-1400.

Imaging Technology

Mission Regional Medical Center now has access to the latest imaging technology that benefits patients as well as doctors with their rapid and accurate detection and operation. Our newest generation of imaging technology includes:

  • PACS (Patient Archival Communications System)
  • Digital Mammography (Senographe 2000 D)
  • 64 CT Scanner (GE LightSpeed 64 VCT Select System)
  • Bone Densitometer (GE Lunar Densitometer)
  • Digital X-Rays (Definium 8000)


Mission Regional Medical Center now utilizes Patient Archival Communications System (PACS) that allows electronic access to MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine exams. PACS displays, archives, transmits and restores radiology images, providing greater convenience to both patients and physicians. Patient images may be sent electronically to a workstation where a radiologist may view them, eliminating the need to transport actual film. Physicians and hospital employees who have permission to access patient information can more easily obtain the images, which can often lead to quicker diagnosis and treatment.